59 MGA Restoration Part II – Power Coating


59 MGA Restoration Part II – Power Coating

The frame was sent out for sandblasting and as usually happens some area appeared that needed to be patched.  There were a couple areas along the inside of the frame rails that needed to be cut out and patched.  There were also a few lips that hold the floor boards in place as well as part of the lower battery trays that needed fix and/or replaced.

Here’s the frame as it was dropped off from powder coating.



MGA frame powder coated

You can’t see it here but a ten inch x 3 inch area of the inside of the frame needed to be cut out and patched.  The welds you can see are the horrible factory welds.  There are some areas on the frame where I swear it was the guys first day welding and they let him loose!.

MGA frame patched

Both battery trays were corroded out and were cut out and new ones welded in place.

MGA battery tray

This is the start of putting the front suspension back together.  Lower A-arms are installed and rebuilt upper shock bolted into place.  Instead of using OEM studs to hold the shocks down, bolts are going to be used so the shocks can be removed without having to cut sheet metal.  With the studs in place it is impossible to lift the shock unit high enough to remove it without hitting the bottom of the fenders.


Here is a closer view of the front right shock unit.  The shock has the upper arm incorporated into it.  Kits are available to delete the upper stock shock unit in favor of a full upper A-arm and coil over shock.

MGA Front Shock