1959 Ford Truck Gas Tank Relocate


1959 Ford Truck Gas Tank Relocate

A buddy I work with has his fathers 1959 Ford 4×4 truck.  It’s been an ongoing project and it’s going to be incredible when it’s completed.  He wanted to move the gas tank from behind the seat to under the bed and asked if I could help him out.  Originally he was going to put the filler and gas cap in the bed which I never really liked.  This was especially true since he wants to actually use the truck to haul stuff.  There’s nothing like pulling out all the crap you have loaded in the back of your truck just to add some petrol!

After digging around a pile of junked cars, I found an old station wagon that had a gas filler cap that had about the same curve to it as the side panel of the 59 Ford.  I gas axed it out and grafted it into the side of the Ford.


A new gas line was then routed inside the bed, down through the floor and into the new gas tank between the frame rails.  The next order of business was to enclose the back of the gas filler and gas lines that were now exposed on the inside of the bed.  Originally I was going to just build a simple shroud to cover everything up but the owner suggested maybe a tool box that he could use to store jumper cables, a small jack and other stuff.  Sure!

I had a picture of what I wanted in my head and I just kind of fabricated the box as I went along.  I drew the basic design on my welding table with some soapstone and made changes as needed along the way.  He is going to have a spray in bedliner installed so the box isn’t going to be bolted in until that happens.  Here’s some pictures for now of the semi-final product.

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