1951 Chevy Styleline – JAK


1951 Chevy Styleline – JAK


OK, This is a project that has actually been in my life since I was a little kid and has a lot of history with me.  This four door Chevy was parked next to a field at my grandfathers as long as I can remember.  This was my grandfathers car and JAK were his initials.  Even as a little kid I loved the looks of the thing.  To me it seemed as though it never changed.  The ratio of original green paint to rust probably changed over the years but I never noticed.

When I was in high school I asked my dad about the car and if I could try to get it running.  We used our backhoe to pull it out of the spot it sat for decades and pulled it to our barn some 20 miles away.  I didn’t know a ton about mechanic stuff at the time.  We popped in a fresh six volt battery and was surprised that the original horn, lights, and turn signals all still worked.  We had to hot wire the ignition because who knows where the original keys ended up.  Touching the wires together we go a lot of……nothing.

The engine was seized solid.  Like a bunch of morons we drug the car behind our truck and tried to pop the clutch a bunch of times thinking it would magically free the engine.  Yeah, not going to happen.

The car was parked behind a small rental house we had at the time and put on the back burner.  I went off to college.  Years later I was told the bad news that the car was stolen from behind the rental house along with some other vehicles we had been storing back there.  Suckage!!

More years went by and I had written the car off as long gone.  A friend of my father was driving along a dirt road out in the desert when he saw two cars parked outside a trailer from a distance.  For some reason the cars triggered something and he came back with some binoculars and took a closer look.  Lo and behold was two cars that were taken year earlier, one of which was the ’51.

After a visit from the sheriff the car was returned.  I was still busy with school and other life events and the car sat for many more years.  Well, it’s time to start a slow build of this thing.  I’m going to work on it with my younger son Cole and the goal is for him to have it ready to drive when he gets his license.  He’s thirteen now.

At this time I’m thinking about a Mustang II front suspension and power rack and pinion.  Some variety of small block Chevy engine and an S10 rear axle.

This will be a fun build.  Updates as they come!