GL1200 Bobber Shake Down


GL1200 Shake Down

The weather right now in the Tucson area is perfect.  I took the day and took the GL1200 on some shakedown rides.  It performed like a champ.  I found a few loose nuts and that doesn’t even count the ones driving other vehicles!  I was concerned that the boxer 1200 motor was going to sound like a sewing machine but with the 2 into 1 straight exhaust pipes it sounds incredible.  It’s loud but the loudness fits the look.

I put in a non-petcock turnoff valve from some random bin I had.  I ordered a real petcock last night because at freeway speeds I could tell the carbs were starting to starve for fuel.  When I got home I pulled the fuel line and let it run into a cup and my suspicions were confirmed with an anemic trickle of gas into a cup.  Hopefully a good flowing petcock with solve that problem.  If not, I may have to install a cube style fuel pump.  I have used the ones from Facet.  I really like them because not only are they small but they built in anti-siphon and anti-drain valves built in.  When the bike isn’t running, the fuel in the tank isn’t going anywhere.

I am also going to need to figure out some sort of heat shield for the starter.  With the exposed exhaust headers the started is getting heat soaked which is making hot starts a little dicey.  With the small battery, this isn’t going to work without leaving me stranded at some point with a dead battery trying to crank over a hot engine.

All in all it was a good day and got some compliments and some “what is that?” comments from people along the way.  Once I get the petcock and heat shields in place I will take the bike on some longer rides and hopefully will be rewarded with trouble free miles of bliss.

GL1200 Bobber