Welding Cart / Chop Saw Fabrication


I have owned my Hobart welder for a long time and broke one of the unspoken rules about welder ownership.  According to welder lore, the first project one is to embark on after purchasing a welder is that of the welder cart.  I’m only about a decade behind but I decided I was tired of dragging my welder and CO2 tank around the shop.

I was dropping some scrap metal off at a metal recycle place I use and found a shopping cart that the cart portion was crushed in the scrap pile.  While it’s “against the rules” to take metal from the pile I frequent the place so much I guess I have become a preferred customer.  They don’t care when I drop some metal off and pick some up off the stack.  The guys running the machines will even point out some good stuff to me.

Anyway, I grabbed the messed up cart to use the casters on it for my welding cart.  I built the entire thing out of scrap metal I had left over from previous projects.  It turned out pretty nice but I will be swapping the rear wheels for rotating casters.  It’s a pain having the rear wheels fixed.  I find myself dragging the back-end of the cart to get it where I want it.

As you can see I also made a lower platform to hold my 14″ chop saw.  I was thinking originally it would just be a place to store it so it would be out of the way but I find myself using it as it sits on the cart most of the time.

Here are some things that I will be adding to the cart in the future:

  • hanger for my 4″ grinder
  • Split the 220v line currently powering the welder into a 110v outlet to run the chop saw, grinder, and other 110v needs without having cords all over the ground.
  • basket up by the push handle to hold small items like tape measures.
  • hanger for welder cords and welding mask
  • When I get a plasma I will add an additional level above the welder to hold it.

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