Syringe Manometer


Syringe Manometer

I needed a manometer to sync the four carbs on my GL1200 Bobber build and decided to make one.   Being an RN, I have been saving 60ml irrigation syringes we use. It came to me I could glue them together and make a manometer that should work pretty well and be fairly accurate.

I will keep updating this until I have it completed.

Getting together some of the stuff.

photo 2

I used blue RTV to seal two syringe housings together end to end. I made four of these units, one for each cylinder.

photo 3

Then I cut up some of my paint stir sticks to make spacers to glue the units together side by side.  Here’s some drying before I glue them all together side by side.

photo 5

Here is a pic after all units have been glued together. This is where I’m up to at this point. Need to pick up some elbows and T’s to connect the tubing along the bottom and then add the tubing to go to each vacuum port on the carbs. I’m also going to make a small stand for the entire thing to slip into to hold it upright during carb adjustments.



I am also going to insert a shutoff valve between the second and third assembly so I can use the same manometer for two cylinder bikes.

I needed a way to hook up each hose to the vacuum ports on each intake.  I found some 5mm bolts and ran a small drill bit down the center.  The holes aren’t perfectly centered but that shouldn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.  The head of the bolts are the right size so that I can push the hose over the head of the bolt and have a good airtight seal.

photo 4

syringe manometer

photo 2

GL1200 Manometer

I made a little progress on the manometer.  I glued in some extra support wood pieces in between the upper assemblies and plumbed everything together as well as added the ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid).  I’m going to make a bracket/stand to hold the entire thing while I’m using it.