Lowell Arizona


Lowell Arizona

A nice day trip from Vail where I live is an old mining town turned artsy district called Bisbee, AZ.  It’s a mile high city that used to be a thriving copper mining town back in the day.  Houses are built on mountain sides and reflect a bygone era.  On the opposite side of the huge mining pit hole lies what is now the ghost town of Lowell, AZ.  Every time I head to the area I stop by The Bisbee Breakfast Club for a bite to eat.  Good food, cool building on the “main street” of Lowell.  The rest of the street is made up of a collection of old shops and antique vehicles.  Here’s some pics from my last visit.

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Usually on any weekend you can see a bunch of clubs out for a weekend cruise in the area.  From motorcycles to all kinds of vehicles, it’s a nice setting to see some really awesome hardware in a really cool setting.

If you are in the Tucson area and have a day to kill I highly recommend a visit to the area.  A really nice place to stay that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is THE COPPER CITY INN.  It’s a small place owned by some really good people.  There are only a few rooms, all with a balcony.  Reserve a room in advance as I’m sure they fill up quick.

In my opinion, the Bisbee experience completely blows away to over-rated Tombstone experience.  Just saying.