Late for Work


Sooooo…….I was just a little late leaving for work one day.  I wear a full face helmet but the helmet I had on that day has the face shield removed after it finally got so scratched I couldn’t handle it any more.  I just slip on a pair of safety glass sunglasses and call it good.   Since I was running so late, I was travelling well into the triple digits.  Somewhere along I-10 before hitting Tucson a semi truck in front of me flipped up something from its tires and before I could react it flew up and clipped me between my safety glasses and my helmet.

It stung a bit but the worse part was doing the walk of shame as I had to walk into the Emergency Department where I work and ask one of the MD’s to glue my face shut.  After swallowing a little blood and a little pride, I was patched up and started my day of patching up other people.