Hotrods Restaurant – Vail, AZ


Hotrods restaurant – Vail, AZ

Theres a pretty interesting establishment that popped up in the thriving metropolis of Vail, AZ. It’s a motor sports themed facility that is a combination of restaurant, bar, and custom vehicle shop.  While eating your enchilada you can look down on a fully functioning hotrod fab shop.  While the food is mediocre, the ambiance is superb.

Over the last months multiple outbuildings have been built around the main structure. Now there is a motorcycle sales and service area and other specialized buildings that I can’t remember what they are.

I swung by with my fam last week and thought I would snap a few pics for you all.  I hope this place makes it for the long haul. With tons of parking and top notch facilities, I could see this place becoming a hub for large motor sports events.