Goldwing Swing Arm Bearing Replace


Goldwing Swing Arm Bearing Replace

While I had the swing arm off, I wanted to replace the bearings and race. The ones that were already there were pretty shot. Even the races had some scoring on them. Getting the races out look like a big deal to remove, especially on the left side because it is a “blind” pocket. You can’t get a punch in to pound it out. Somewhere along the line somebody showed me an easy way to get races out that has worked like a charm every time.

It requires a welder. If you don’t have a welder, it’s worth taking it to someone who does to get the races out. Trust me, you will save a ton of time and aggravation.

All you do is carefully run a bead along the inside of the race making sure not to weld it to the actual swing arm housing. It’s actually fairly easy to do (welding the bead). The bead doesn’t have to be pretty or anything. All you are doing is heating the crap out of the race. Once the race cools, it will have shrunk down to a smaller size and can then be removed easily.

Once the old race has been removed, it’s pretty easy to use a large socket placed upside down on the race and a small sledge to pound the new race into place.