GL1200 Seat Pan and Mount


In keeping with the, “build it instead of buying it” theme of this build, I grabbed some sheet metal and drew out a seat pan shape that I liked and seemed to fit the bike. Using a mallet I pounded the metal over a 2″ section of pipe to give it the shape I wanted. From there I cut up some 1930 something Chevy springs and made up a suspension style seat. It’s going to be adjustable forward and back on the bike. I’m going to make beef up the mount where the seat attaches to the frame and then make a cover to hide that area. I made some mounts to attach the seat to the springs so the seat would end up in the correct orientation.

I have since powder coated the seat pan and purchased the leather to cover it with. I will wait until I’m completely done with most of the bike before covering the seat so it doesn’t get messed up along the way.


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