GL1200 Seat Installation


GL1200 Seat Installation

Yay!!!! I picked up the seat from the cobbler.  They stitched and trimmed the leather I had stretched and glued on the seat pan.  I’m pretty stoked at how it turned out.  The first thing I did was start to rub some color into the leather.  I’m not sure how dark I will go with it.  I may go darker at some point.  The best representation of the color right now is the first picture.  The others are off because of camera settings I’m guessing.

I am going to get some miles on the bike for some shakedown runs tomorrow. .

From here it’s finishing up the paint with some cutting and buffing and clear coat where needed, throw the caps on the swing arm covers, sync the carbs and then line up a time with my photographer to get some shots. This has been a fun build and I have really gotten to like the Goldwings and what can be done with them. I will post up some pictures from the ride tomorrow.