GL1200 Powder Coating – First Round


I set up a circa – 1970’s double oven I removed from a remodel I did a while back to use as a powder coating oven for smaller parts.  I had some parts I had just sandblasted and went ahead and powder coated them satin black.  I’m going to go with gloss black on the frame and then satin on the tins and other parts.

Powder Coat - RND 1


I have a small welding table I made that I set up temporarily with some black trash bag plastic behind it to use as a backdrop for spraying the powder.  I hang one of the racks from the oven off a shelf and hang my parts from that while I spray.

Oven setup


Here’s a closer shot.  You can see my custom, high tech “rotatory” system.  The setup isn’t very fancy but it get’s the job done until I design something else.


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