GL1200 Painting Begins


GL1200 Painting Begins

After what seemed like an eternity I finally reached the point I could start spraying some stuff on the GL1200 Goldwing.  I covered all everything with a two-part urethane epoxy, did all my block sanding, and then sprayed a single state urethane color coat.  I am painting the frame and the swing arm a gloss black and then the tank and fender a satin black.

I like the look of satin black but it is a pain to spray.  You pretty much have to get it spot on because there’s no color sanding and mistakes out.  Once it is sprayed and dry about the only thing you can do from that point on is clean it with soap and water.  No waxing allowed for satin paint unless you want to ruin the look.

I made a small spray booth in my garage until I construct a removable booth in the larger shop.  It used an A/C filter on the intake side and a box fan on the other side to push fumes outside.  I wet the floor to keep dust down as much as possible.  All in all, things worked out fine.  I did have to redo the satin tins because I had the gun set for the gloss and immediately got runs due to too much paint.  Oh well, another layer of color can’t hurt.  I ended up with some orange peel in the gloss items and will sand most of it out when I color sand.  Actually, a little orange peel can look good on a bike frame I think.  Not sure why but it looks natural there in all it’s ugliness.

IMG_9663 IMG_9664

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