GL1200 Electrics Bag


GL1200 Electronics Bag
Someplace along the line I found an old oil bath filter from some sort of machinery that looked really cool.  It was pretty beat up and full of ancient oil sludge.  I knew I wanted to use it on a bike at some point and it became the perfect candidate for an electronics “bag” for the GL1200.  The first order of business was to clean out all the grime.  I used a torch and cut out all the internal elements.  I could have soaked the remaining canister in some sort of solvent but decided to burn it out instead.  Fire is always more fun.

Electronics Bag







Once I had everything cleaned out, I cut off the open end, sandblasted the entire thing, and then welded on a pipe cap to finish of that end of the assembly.



I was going to put in a slide in/out divider to mount some of the electronic parts too but it turned out it was more functional just to slide everything in without it.