GL1200 Coil Relocate


To make things a little cleaner, the coil packs were moved towards the back of the frame, hidden behind a plate I cut out and installed.  Typically the coils are at the front of the bike above the front of the engine.  With the fake tank gone, the stock location just looked wrong.

Here’s a pretty bad picture showing where the coils are now.  I like how they are tucked out of the way, and kind of dig how the spark plug wires now sweep towards the back of the bike.



Here’s a better picture.  You can’t see the coils themselves but you can see the plate that they are mounted on.  If you follow the spark plug wires you can see the general area the coils are mounted.  Due to the stock bracket the coils are mounted on, two bolts hold the entire pack securely in place.


Coil Placement on Frame