GL1200 Chop Intro


My good friend Jared decided he wanted a hobby a while back. Actually his wife suggested it. Not one to let an opportunity like that pass by he decided to get buy a motorcycle and do a slight resto-mod. We were talking on the phone discussing his plans when he said he was going to pick up an older Goldwing. The first thing that I thought of was a huge sofa on wheels that old guys drive. I thought he was crazy. The problem is Jared is way smarter than I will ever be so decided to look into it a little more.

It turns out the older Goldwings are actually great candidates for modification. I started to look around for a bike myself and found a good deal on a running GL1200. It was a bike that spent its life with a funeral escort service in the Phoenix area. It was well taken care of mechanically but was definately showing its age.


This is a bad pic the day I picked it up. After getting it home I drove it around for a couple days and then immediately started to tear it down. My plans were for a complete custom build so I wasn’t worried about saving any of the stock items. It’s amazing how fast a bike comes apart when you can hack away wires, brackets, or anything else that gets in the way of progress.

I put all the parts on Craigslist that I wasn’t planning on using and made a decent chunk of change.

I started to look around a few goldwing websites and came across Naked Goldwings. It’s a great community of people who have an interest in the older Goldwings. Wether a restoration, custom, or anything in between. One of the bikes that really caught my eye was one called Ol’ Sparky. The builder had made a rear suspension modification that was exactly the look and style I was looking for. While his bike was a slightly older model than mine the concept and implementation was similiar. It’s always nice when someone else has worked out the major details of a design. I’d like to put out a huge thanks to Hott for his ingenuity and his willingness to share a great idea.

Anyway, I will try to take enough pictures to keep things interesting and break the articles into relevant sections to hopefully make it easier to follow along.  If you have any comments I would like to hear ’em.

Thanks for checking my build out.