GL1200 Bobber Rear Brakes


GL1200 Bobber Rear Brakes

Once I chopped the entire rear end off the frame there was no way I could use the stock rear master cylinder system.   Lucky for my but unlucky for my buddy, I had the rear Brembo master cylinder from a wrecked R6.  Unlucky for him because it came off his wrecked bike. One of my goals for this project was to make everything on the bike flow and not looked like it was tacked on.

After a lot of staring at the bike and playing around with master cylinder positions, I finally found a location that not only looked good but would also allow me to hide the fluid reservoir under the swing arm.  When the bike is on the ground the reservoir is almost invisible.  It also allowed me to use the stock brake pedal with the only modification being that of removing the spring mechanism.

Here I am messing around with angles and placement.  I had to make sure I was able to get a full swing on the cylinder piston as well as clear the engine, brackets, and whatever else might be in the way once everything was assembled.  I didn’t really worry about the fluid reservoir at this point.  I knew I could remote mount it pretty much anywhere once I had the bike put back together.




In this pic I have put the mounting hardware in place on the cylinder.  From there it’s just a matter of working backwards and adding metal to hold the master cylinder in that position.



Here I’ve added the support pieces to secure the cylinder into it’s proper location.  Everything is pretty rough at this point and was cleaned up later down the line before I painted the frame.





Here is a shot of the mounts at some point during the frame smoothing and priming.



Here you can see the final product.  I will get some more closeup pictures and add them when I get a chance.