GL1200 Bobber Real Gas Tank


GL1200 Bobber Real Gas Tank

One thing I really don’t like about the the GL1200 is the fact it has a fake gas tank.  I don’t know why it bothers me but it does.  I want a real tank with fuel sloshing around where the tank is supposed to be!  For my bobber build on the GL1200 having the stock tank wasn’t really an option anyway unless I did some modification to the stock tank.  With the relocation of the stock coils along with my intense hatred towards the “fake tank”, I ended up cutting out the stock bars that run through the top of the frame and welded in a single spine so a real tank could be mounted.  I ditched the stock gas tank altogether and as a bonus I was able to eliminate the electric gas pump.

I had a Harley tank from some bike I had parted out years ago.  It was pretty rough and was beat in on the corners where the previous owner was trying to mount a blower to run a home made supercharger kind of set up on a GL1000.  It was a complete hack job but I would have ridden it until the thing blew up.

I took the beat up tank and pulled out some dents, welded in some patch panels, drilled new hole for new cap, welded in some mounting tabs, painted with primer, painted with paint, sealed the interior, and whatever is usually done when modding a motorcycle gas tank.