GL1200 Bobber Radiator Hose Refurb


GL1200 Bobber Radiator Hose Refurb

While waiting for some parts to arrive I started hitting some of the smaller items in the GL1200 bobber build.  The radiator hoses that were on the bike were ballooned out and shot and the protective springs that surround the hoses looked really rough.

Most Goldwing people know that you can take a single NAPA #7733 or Gates #21008 hose and cut it up to make both hoses that are used on the GL1000, GL1100, and GL1200 models.  O’Reilly Auto is closest to me so I picked up the Gates hose.  I pulled off the stock hose clamps and springs and soaked them in a cleaning solution to get them ready for powder coating.  I then used the old hoses to see where to cut up the new hose.

photo 3

photo 4

photo 2

Once the hoses were cut and I had a chance to powder coat the hardware, everything was put back together and is patiently waiting to be installed.

photo 5

photoI use a black sharpie marker to color the ends of the hoses so you can’t see the white cordage that shows after the hose is cut.  It’s a tiny detail that probably nobody in a million years would notice but stuff like that bugs me.