GL1200 Bobber Lighting


GL1200 Lighting Circuit

The lighting circuit is installed in rough form. I set up a circuit on my LED brake and tail light to convert the single intensity light into a dual intensity light. It’s a simple circuit that uses a couple diodes to keep the juice flowing in the right direction and then a resistor on the running light leg. Basically the leg with the resistor is the running light side and the non-resistor side is the brake light. I’ve used it before on other builds and it works great and opens up a lot of lighting options.

I like it also because it allows the use of compact LED lights because you are using the same LED lights for both brake and running lights.  It also allows me to pick up just about any LED light at my local trucking supply shop and turn it into a brake/tail light combo.

In this picture the white wire is just grounded to the frame.  On the other side you can see the two positive legs.  Here I’m getting ready to solder up the resistor and diode on the running light leg.

Once I had everything soldered up I protected each leg and then the entire circuit in shrink wrap.



Pictures do not really show intensity of LED lights very well but you can get the idea below of what is going on.  The first pic would be the light in running light state.  The second represents what would happen when brakes are applied.